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There’s a lot to know about the AIR MILES Rewards Program. Follow our AIR MILES 101 series to learn how the program works and everything you need to know about collecting Miles. Also, stay up to date with our latest AIR MILES promotions!

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New program enhancements mean even more value on essentials

You can now earn 2x the Miles at any eligible wholesale club or alcohol retailer when paying with your BMO AIR MILES credit card. And effective May 23, 2024, you can earn Bonus Miles on alcohol purchased from retailers across Canada with AIR MILES Receipts.

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AIR MILES Promotions: Everything You Need To Know

We wanted to share some of our recurring promotions so you can familiarize yourself with how they work ahead of time, giving you that extra edge. With these insider tips, you can use our promos to earn big Miles and reward yourself like a boss.