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AIR MILES Promotions: Everything You Need To Know


We run a lot of promotions during the year. Hands down, they’re one of the best ways to earn extra AIR MILES® Reward MilesTM on items you’re already buying. We wanted to share some of our recurring AIR MILES promotions so you can familiarize yourself with how they work ahead of time, giving you that extra edge. With these insider tips, you can use our promos to earn big Miles and reward yourself like a boss.

Current AIR MILES Promotions

Let’s start with multipliers

Multiplier promotions are exactly what they sound like. They run for a limited time, allowing you to earn double, triple, even 30x (“thirt-uple”?) the Reward Miles.

Here’s how Multipliers work: Let’s say your normally earn 1 Mile for every $20 at a partner. With a 20x promotion, you’ll earn 100 Miles on a $100 purchase (20 x 5). That turns into 1 Mile for every $1 you spend. Pretty cool.

We run multipliers in-store as well as online through Sometimes they only apply to certain stores and sometimes they’re across many partners and different ways to earn. (Psst! These ones tend to be huge.)

AIR MILES promotional banner for
Disclaimer: this is a past promotion for illustration purposes only.

Insider tip: We offer an ongoing multiplier on travel packages. Get up to 5x the Miles when you bundle your flight with accommodations or car rental through AIR MILES® Travel. Be sure to check out other deals while you’re there.

Let’s talk ‘spend and gets’

These promotions are also simple. Basically, you earn Bonus MilesTM by spending a certain amount of money either at one partner or across a bunch of partners in-store, online, or both.

Insider tip: The spend is cumulative. So, if we’re offering 100 Bonus Miles when you spend $80 through, for example, that means you can spend $40 at Walmart online and $40 at Sephora online to earn the 100 Bonus Miles. Not a tough thing to do.

Look out for Flash Offers, More Miles

AIR MILES Flash offers banner
Disclaimer: this is a past promotion for illustration purposes only.

Coming in hot! To take advantage of Flash Offers, More Miles, you simply need to opt in and shop at participating stores before the deadline. They run for a very limited time, so our best tip is to be on your toes so you don’t miss them. That’s about it.

Carousel of Dreams. It’s pretty awesome.

With Carousel of Dreams, you get to open virtual suitcases on our app to win DAILY prizes and get entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize Draw. In case you didn’t catch it there – you need to download our app to play.

Our last Carousel of Dreams had over 3 million prizes to unpack. You win every day you open a suitcase and have options to earn more suitcases by making qualifying purchases. We hate to brag but it’s kind of a big deal.

Speaking of awesome, don’t miss Shop the Block or MAX PASS.

Shop the Block®: When we run this promotion our Collectors go a bit wild. It’s been a fan-favourite for years. You can earn a LOT of Miles just by shopping at 2, 3, or 4 partners in-store or online.

The basic premise is this: opt-in to the promotion and shop at different qualifying partners within the timeframe listed. Then, based on how many partners you earned at least 1 Mile at, you earn a set amount of Bonus Miles.

MAX PASS: These work a bit differently because you buy a MAX PASS to earn more Miles at a particular partner for a limited time. If, for example, you’ve got a big road trip coming up and need to fill up at Shell or Irving, keep an eye out for a MAX PASS specific to them because it offers next-level earnings.

AIR MILES Max pass promotional banner
Disclaimer: this is a past promotion for illustration purposes only.

Each MAX PASS offers a set multiplier on your purchase. So, if you purchase a 40x multiplier MAX PASS, you can earn 40x the Reward Miles on qualifying transactions during the time period specified on the MAX PASS. Each MAX PASS is specific to an AIR MILES partner.

MAX PASSES are limited quantity and sell out quickly, so if you see one in market and you want to try it out, we recommend purchasing it quickly.

This is great. But what are some REAL hacks?

Now that you’ve got the gist of these types of promotions, let’s get down to even more good stuff. How can you get an edge?

First, get in the know. Sign up for our emails. Get our app. Follow us on social media. It sounds simple but if you skip even one of those, you might miss a key offer and the chance to earn a TON of Reward Miles.

Second, while we don’t follow a formal schedule, we tend to run these promotions over big occasions. So, keep your eye out leading up to the holidays or major moments during the year. And if there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that we’ll run something over Black Friday. Just saying.

Third, most AIR MILES promotions allow you to stack offers with other deals as well as the Miles you get with a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard. Check out how our Director of Analytics stacked offers to save $400 and earn 1,355 Bonus Miles on a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone.

Finally, get to know our partners in-store and online. That way when you know you’ve got a big purchase coming up, you can wait to buy it during a promotion. We like to think of this as strategic shopping.

The nitty gritty

Remember that the Bonus Miles you earn from promotions can take up to 120 days to appear in your account so don’t be concerned if you don’t see them right away. They’ll get there. And you can always reach out to us about missing Miles if you’re concerned.

We can’t end on that note, can we?

No way! Not only are AIR MILES promotions super fun, but they’re also the best way to ramp up your earnings. Better still, they happen A LOT. So, keep your eye out and remember – the more you work the Program, the more you get out of it.

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