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AIR MILES® 101: How to earn Bonus Miles™ with Card Linked Offers


We’re excited to tell you about Card Linked Offers, whether you’re a new collector or a seasoned pro. Once you see how these offers can speed up the time to your next reward, we think you’ll be excited too.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What are Card Linked Offers?

In a nutshell, they allow you to earn AIR MILES Bonus Miles at select stores and brands without having to pull out your AIR MILES card. All you have to do is link any Canadian-issued Mastercard® one time to your AIR MILES card and voila—you’re good to go.

If you’re a BMO® AIR MILES® Mastercard holder, great news! You’re automatically linked.

Did you say any Mastercard?

You bet. Once you link any Canadian-issued Mastercard to your AIR MILES card, you’re ready to start earning Bonus Miles on pizza, popcorn, make-up, shoes, tech, on-demand sports, and many of your other favourite things.

You had me at “pizza.”

That’s great! Let’s review the steps to make sure you’re set up to earn Bonus Miles every time you use your Mastercard at select Partners.

1. Link once. Earn again and again and again.

Visit to link your Mastercard to your AIR MILES card—remember, it doesn’t even need to be an AIR MILES Mastercard. (But if you’re a BMO® AIR MILES® Mastercard holder you can skip this step. You’re automatically linked.)

2. Take advantage of special offers

Use your linked Mastercard to make eligible purchases at participating brands to pay for eligible purchases and watch your Bonus Miles add up.

3. Bonus Miles are just the beginning

Here’s where things get interesting: With a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard, you’re not only automatically linked, but you’ll also earn what we call “Base Miles” in addition to Bonus Miles on these purchases. “Base Miles” are the regular Reward Miles you get just for using your BMO card.

But remember if you don’t have a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard, you can still link another Mastercard to take advantage of our Card Linked Offers.

For example, let’s say we’re featuring this Card Linked Offer:

“Get 55 Bonus Miles™ when you spend $100 at a participating brand”.

Right off the bat, you’ll earn 55 Bonus Miles if you spend $100 at a participating brand with your linked card.

AND, if your linked card is also the BMO®† AIR MILES® WORLD ELITE® MASTERCARD®, where you can earn 1 Miles for every $12 you spend at participating partners, then you’ll earn an additional 8 Reward Miles, for a grand total of 63 Reward Miles.

Bottom line? Any time you’re earning Bonus Miles, you’re on the fast track to rewards like travel, cool merchandise, and free purchases with AIR MILES Cash. It’s alllllll good.

Get your hands on a reward sooner with 6 ways to earn

That’s right. There are six ways to earn Reward Miles on almost everything and Card Linked Offers is just one of them. Here they are:

1. In-Store: Scan your AIR MILES app or AIR MILES card in-store at participating partners

2. Online: Earn Miles at over 250+ online brands stores through such as Amazon and Walmart. See where we’re going with “almost everything?”

3. Credit Card: Earn on almost everything you buy with a BMO AIR MILES®credit card.

4. Travel: Earn Miles on flights, hotel stays, and more when you book through AIR MILES Travel

5. AIR MILES Receipts: Snap receipts to earn Bonus Miles on select items at most grocery stores across Canada.

And of course:

6. Card Linked Offers: Link your Mastercard to your AIR MILES card and snatch up Bonus Miles with limited-time offers.

So…what are you waiting for?

Now’s a great time to link your Mastercard if you haven’t already. That’s because you could be earning Bonus Miles at your favourite brands right now. Seriously. It’s super easy—just three easy steps and one of them includes earning a bunch of Bonus Miles. What’s better than that?  Link your card now and then check out our offers just for you.

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