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AIR MILES 101: Everything You Need To Know About eVouchers


One thing we love about our rewards portfolio is that it covers many of life’s moments — from big family vacations to afternoon coffees with extra whip. It’s those little moments — the ones powered by eVouchers — that we’re going to talk about here. If you don’t know what an eVoucher is, they basically work like gift cards for your favourite brands. Needless to say, they’re SUPER popular — because who doesn’t love gift cards? 

But before we jump into some of those brands (Starbucks! Uber Eats! Lululemon!), let’s look at what eVouchers are and how they work so when it comes time to grab one for yourself or as a gift, you know exactly what to do.

Little wins. Big smiles.

eVouchers are just one of the ways you can redeem AIR MILES® Cash MilesTM. We refer to them as “little wins” because you can reward yourself for as little as 95 Cash Miles. As we already mentioned, they work like gift cards in that you can use them at any time towards your purchases at participating partners. So, you can use that eVoucher on Friday’s takeout order, or save one up for a rainy day.

How do I order eVouchers?

All eVouchers can be ordered online using your Cash Miles. You can either redeem your Cash Miles for an eVoucher through our website or through the AIR MILES app. We’ll send you an email letting you know your redemption went through, and then another email with your eVoucher details.

How do I redeem eVouchers?

Once you’ve received your eVoucher, you can use it either: 

  1. Online: use the number and PIN from the confirmation email you receive after ordering the eVoucher
  2. In-store: show the eVoucher on your mobile device or print the eVoucher and present it at checkout

We get it! The term “eVoucher” sounds like it’s online only, but that’s not the case! The eVouchers are purchased online, but most can be used in-store (like the popular  Winners/Homesense/Marshalls eGift Card).

Now for the really good stuff: our brands. We’re constantly adding new brands to our eVoucher lineup, so check back often. Dining and apparel are our two most popular categories so here are just some of our eVouchers within those categories:

At-home Delivery

SkipTheDishes: Redeem online  
DoorDash: Redeem online
Uber Eats: POPULAR! Redeem online

Special Occasion Dining

The Keg: POPULAR! Redeem in-store
Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
The Ultimate Dining Card: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Earls: Redeem online + Redeem in-store

On the Go

Starbucks: POPULAR! Redeem in-store
St-Hubert: Redeem online
Subway: POPULAR! Redeem online + Redeem in-store
A&W: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Foodtastic: Redeem online + Redeem in-store


Gap: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
H&M: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Dynamite: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Garage: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Roots: POPULAR! Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Reitmans: Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Lululemon: POPULAR! Redeem online + Redeem in-store
Harry Rosen: Redeem online + Redeem in-store

What are some other popular eVouchers? Check out Boston Pizza, Bath & Body Works, Cineplex, Indigo, Sephora, TIMBER MARTWinners and more!

Remember, always check the terms of use for each eVoucher.

Most eVouchers are available in most provinces but be sure to check availability in your particular region. Plus, don’t forget you can also use Cash Miles in-store toward purchases at Shell, Irving, Metro, and other participating partners in your province.

Not an AIR MILES Cash collector? Update your balance preference now to start earning Cash Miles moving forward.

Let’s get creative

Whether our collectors are earning Bonus Offers or redeeming for a reward, we love helping them squeeze everything they can out of the program.That’s why we’re here, right? So recently, we asked our collectors about some of the more inventive ways they used eVouchers. Here’s what they told us:

“I’ve been waiting for the UGG Tasman slippers for a while now. I was so excited when I saw they were in stock and got even more excited when I realized I could redeem my Cash Miles for two $50 Foot Locker eVouchers. My redeemed Miles covered $100 towards my $135 purchase, which felt great!”Bianca, Toronto, ON

“My partner and I almost exclusively use our Miles for food delivery eVouchers. It’s our sneaky way to indulge guilt free. Usually it’s pizza.”Katie, Collingwood, ON

“I desperately needed new jeans and spent every lunch hour for a few weeks trying on pairs at different stores. It was a whole thing! I was debating between a few, but ultimately settled on the Gap because I could use my eVouchers. I got three new pairs for $0 out of pocket and I keep getting compliments on them.”Melissa, Toronto, ON

Turn tech into a looooot of coffee

Let us walk you through how you could turn your latest tech purchase into some happy delicious treats or refreshing moments! We frequently run multiplier promotions which allow you to earn 2x, 10x, 20x, or even 30x the Miles on your purchases. So, imagine if you have a big purchase coming up, such a laptop, and you make that purchase through while we have a 20x promotion going on … see where we’re going with this?

Let’s break it down:

You normally earn 1 Mile for every $20 spent through most partners. So, let’s say you buy a $500 tablet during a 20x promotion that is running on You’ll earn 20 x 25 Miles, which is 500 Reward Miles. You can then use those Miles earned to redeem for five $10 Starbucks eVouchers.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Imagine how many eVouchers you can earn from booking a flight through AIR MILES Travel? Picking up home reno essentials through TIMBER MART? Holiday shopping on Black Friday? The earning opportunities are virtually unlimited … and so are all the ways you can reward yourself.

Stuff stockings, say “thanks,” or treat yourself

eVouchers make great holiday treats of thank you gifts for teachers and anyone else who deserves a little extra recognition. Had a long week? They’re also the perfect pick-me up. (We strongly recommend Kernels popcorn for this.) Take a look at our wide selection of eVouchers now and check back frequently as they change often. Happy rewarding!

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