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Man in a grocery store, leaning on his grocery cart with his phone in his hand.

AIR MILES® 101: How to Earn Bonus Miles™ on Groceries with AIR MILES Receipts  


Attention shoppers! There’s a new way to earn AIR MILES® Bonus MilesTM on groceries — and the best part is that you can earn where you already do your shopping.

With AIR MILES® Receipts, you can earn Bonus Miles on participating products at major grocery stores simply by snapping a photo of your receipt.

Easy. Rewarding. Game-changing.

Whether you’re new to the program, an avid collector, or you just want to get more out of your grocery purchases (doesn’t everyone?), AIR MILES Receipts gives you more in a snap.

Can I earn at grocers that aren’t AIR MILES partners? Yes!

Can I earn without even showing my AIR MILES card at checkout? Yes!

Can I stack these earnings with other AIR MILES offers? Yes!

Is it as amazing as it sounds? Yes, yes, and yes.

Okay, I’m in. Tell me more!

We’d love to. But first, we need to do a quick plug for the AIR MILES app because you need the app to take advantage of AIR MILES Receipts. (Don’t have it? Get it now!)

Once you have the app, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Before you shop — and this is really important — check the AIR MILES app for products that are eligible for Bonus Miles. This list of products will change frequently so check each time you shop
  2. See which stores are available for which offer — most major grocery stores are covered
  3. After you purchase eligible products, snap the receipt within 14 days

“Last week, I earned 5 Bonus Miles on a jar of salsa, 2 Bonus Miles on a cucumber, and 3 Bonus Miles on bagels at my local store. That’s 10 Bonus Miles for spending less than $20.”

— M. Melski, London, ON

Spell it out for me — how do I snap a receipt?

No problem, it’s very easy.

  1. Open your AIR MILES app and tap on AIR MILES Receipts under “updates”
  2. Click “Scan a receipt”
  3. The app will open your camera feature. When scanning, make sure to capture the entire receipt so that the following information is legible: major grocer’s name, store address, date, products purchased, and receipt total
  4. Submit to earn your Bonus Miles!

I’ve earned my Bonus Miles, so … now what?

Keep it up! Snap receipts from your weekly haul and from quick grocery runs over your lunch break. Just snap, snap, snap, and watch your Bonus Miles add up. Remember – you can then use those Miles for travel, merchandise, or for free gas and groceries at partners with AIR MILES Cash.

Next-level earning

Think you’ve got the gist of it? Great! Here’s a quick hack to take AIR MILES Receipts to the next level.

    • Use your BMO®† AIR MILES® Credit Card to get an additional 2x the Miles on groceries
    • Shop and earn twice at wholesale clubs and alcohol retailers with a BMO AIR MILES credit card.

As always, the more you stack different ways to earn – such as AIR MILES Receipts, your BMO AIR MILES credit card, and other Bonus Offers – the sooner you’ll get rewarded.

Looking to get more bang for your grocery budget?

Who isn’t? That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a new way to get more out of your grocery purchases. Like any new functionality, we’re already looking at how to make AIR MILES Receipts even better, such as adding more participating products. Keep an eye out for updates!

STILL not a collector? Join now and start turning grocery receipts into rewards. Happy snapping!

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