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How to Get AIR MILES® Rewards Faster


If you’ve started collecting AIR MILES Reward Miles™, then you probably know how great it feels to score a bonus offer or a Miles accelerator. Getting Miles on Miles is one of the great joys of our program, and is an excellent way to reach your reward goals. But have you ever had the thought: “how do I get AIR MILES Rewards even faster?” This article is for the program hackers out there, the Miles optimizers, and the financially-savvy collectors.

Whether you’re earning towards AIR MILES Cash Rewards or Dream Rewards, there are ways to do it all a bit faster so that you are that much closer to instant rewards on groceries and gas, or taking that all-inclusive trip you have been dreaming about.

Here are our favourite tips on how you can start getting Miles even faster. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Sign up for an AIR MILES credit card

If you’re looking for the fastest ways to earn Miles, an AIR MILES credit card is the way to go. There’s no faster way to get to your next reward than this. In fact, AIR MILES credit card holders are rewarded up to 7.8 times faster than those without one of these coveted cards.  Here’s how they work:

Get Miles on your everyday purchases.

Use your AIR MILES credit card for daily purchases and watch your account balance climb. Whether it is for your morning coffee, filling up on gas, or shopping online, every time you use your AIR MILES credit card, you will earn Miles. It’s that simple.

Happy Couple Cooking Together in the Kitchen.

Get Miles twice at AIR MILES partner locations.

To really sweeten the deal, when you shop at a participating partner you can get Miles twice by paying with your AIR MILES credit card and showing your AIR MILES card at checkout. Also, keep your eyes peeled for items that offer Bonus Miles™ as a great way to boost your balance even more.  See, we told you Miles on Miles was a thing.

Don’t forget those Welcome Bonuses.

There are a ton of benefits that come with an AIR MILES credit card, but we’re talking strictly collecting Miles here. Depending on the credit card, credit cardholders can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 3,000 Bonus Miles (equivalent to $310 towards purchases with AIR MILES Cash).

To learn more about getting an AIR MILES credit card, visit our credit card page.

2. Download the AIR MILES app

To collect even more Miles, downloading our app is your next step. The AIR MILES mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and it’s a fantastic way to keep track of your offers (especially ones that have Bonus Miles).  AIR MILES mobile app users earned 2.8x more Reward Miles than non–AIR MILES mobile app users.*

At the Supermarket: Happy Stylish Guy with Shopping Basket Dances Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store.

The app can be used to monitor your balance, to redeem an AIR MILES Cash and/or Dream Reward, and to stay on top of the latest offers.

Collector tip: Offers are your friends. When you check the offers section it will show you which partner locations around you are offering Bonus Miles. The offer page is constantly being updated, so make sure you check the app before you go shopping.

Leave your physical AIR MILES card at home. Instead, open the app! Scan your digital card and any mobile coupons at checkout.

3. Use® to get Miles at your favourite online stores

If you’re only getting Miles in-store you are missing out on a huge opportunity to earn Miles faster by also shopping and earning online. There are hundreds of online stores on, including retailers like Apple, Amazon, H&M, eBay, Walmart, and more. You have the opportunity to earn every time you shop, but your biggest Miles for your buck comes from promotions. Take advantage of the exclusive promotions to accelerate your earnings.

Getting Miles through is easy. Here’s what you do:

  • Visit and sign in with your collector number and PIN
  • Select the retailer you want to shop and click the “Shop now” button.
  • You’ll be redirected to the retailer site where you’ll get Miles on your eligible purchases.

And if you use your eVouchers purchased through the AIR MILES Reward Program, it’s like a double reward!

4. Learn how to master Miles stacking 

One of the fastest ways to earn Miles is to stack eligible offers together. You can double or triple up on offers in just one purchase if that purchase meets the requirements for more than one offer. Not every offer can be stacked so always check the terms and conditions. 

Here’s an example: 

If AIR MILES is running a limited-time partner promotion that offers 5x the Reward Miles, and one of those partners has their own bonus offer, you can opt-in (if required) and scoop up both deals. One purchase, two offers! (And three ways to earn Miles, if you also use your BMO®† AIR MILES® Credit Card.) 

So when you see an awesome AIR MILES offer in your app, stop and think “is it stackable?” That way you are maximizing your Miles earned for every dollar you spend. 

5. Earn Miles without a minimum spend requirement 

You don’t always have to spend a certain dollar amount to earn Reward Miles. Here are ways to earn without a minimum dollar requirement: 

AIR MILES Digital Offers:

Loads of Miles could be waiting in email opt-in offers, app downloads, save offers, and when you link your collector number. You could find these offers on your personalized feed when you log in to and in the AIR MILES app – just another great reason for you to download our app.  

Merchandise Redemption Offers:

You can sometimes earn Miles when you redeem select merchandise. All you have to do is redeem the specific item before the offer end date to rake in those Bonus Miles.   

Subscription-Based Offers:

Snatch up Bonus Offers when you subscribe to partners with a subscription-based service like DoorDash, Amazon Music Unlimited, and more.  

Online Surveys:

Get rewarded for your opinions when you take our online surveys. Join the community and share your views on the trending topics of the day. Every time you participate in an only survey you’ll get Miles automatically added to your AIR MILES collector account.  

Want Miles now? Sign up today and get 15 Reward Miles when you complete your first survey within 90 days. 

6. Don’t miss out on Bonus Offers 

When it comes to boosting your Miles, Bonus Offers can make all the difference. If you’re shopping at a participating AIR MILES partner with a base offer, you may also have an opt-in-only offer waiting for you—and the best part is you’ll get to keep both.  

The best collectors are the ones who are actively engaging with our opt-in offers.  

Try it out at Shell 

At Shell, you can earn 1 AIR MILES Reward Mile for every 10L of Shell V-Power® fuel. That’s already a great start, but Shell frequently rolls out exclusive opt-in Bonus Miles offers, not just on fuel, but also on car washes and convenience products. So be sure to opt-in to these enticing offer opportunities, and you could drive away with 1 Reward Mile for every 10L, plus extra Bonus Miles. 

7. Get more from your grocery shopping with AIR MILES® Receipts

A savvy hack that we love spreading the word about is earning Bonus Miles with AIR MILES Receipts. The process is simple: find offers in the AIR MILES app, purchase participating products, scan your receipt in the app within 14 days of purchase, and let the Bonus Miles roll in (optional step: happy dance).

A few tips to make sure your first time using Receipts is everything you’ve dreamed of:

  • Consult the Terms and Conditions of each offer to make sure the store you’ll be shopping at is eligible (most major grocery stores are)
  • The offers change often, so check back every time you shop
  • Make scanning your receipt a habit after every grocery shop

8. Follow us on social media to be the first to know about exciting contests

We’ve been known to give out a Mile or two —ok, more like in the hundreds or thousands —in exciting contests throughout the year. Take our Carousel of Dreams promotion for example, where there were over 3 million prizes available to be won and a grand prize of $100,000. By following AIR MILES on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you’re sure to be one of the first to know about these opportunities to get your chance to win big.

There you have it, seven ways to accelerate your Miles earnings to get you to your next reward faster. However you collect Miles, we’re glad that you’re here. And if you’re ready to join for the first time, sign up today to fast-track your way to rewards.

* AIR MILES mobile app users (defined as a collector who has earned at least 1 Reward Mile and logged in and used the AIR MILES mobile app at least once in 2021) earned on average 1,075 AIR MILES Reward Miles per collector in 2021. Non–AIR MILES mobile app users (defined as any collector who has earned at least 1 Reward Mile in 2021 and not logged in to and used the AIR MILES mobile app) earned on average 385 Reward Miles per collector in 2021.s

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