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Image of the AIR MILES collector Danielle for her featured story

How Collector Danielle achieves little wins while still reaching for her dreams


Hobbies: Volunteer social media coordinator at the Annex Cat Rescue, volunteer at the Japan Foundation in Toronto
AIR MILES® Status: Gold
Balance Preference: Mix

“My friend Diana is an avid collector and always showing off. I needed that magic. So I joined too.”

Three years after joining the program, Danielle is already very familiar with the magic of AIR MILES. A Gold collector, Danielle has joined the ranks of millions of Canadians, like Diana, who get more out of everyday purchases. Here’s how she got to where she is so quickly—and how her efforts are already paying off.

Dream big. Earn big.

Danielle has a goal to travel to Newfoundland and visit the puffins and icebergs. A cool destination for sure (sorry, couldn’t resist), but for Danielle, it’s the journey that makes things really interesting. “Becoming a collector turns mundane tasks into miraculous quests. Everything suddenly turns from black and white to color.”

In other words, earning is half the adventure.

Getting closer with every jar of mayo

For Danielle, a jar of mayo is more than just a jar of mayo. As she puts it, “I go to Metro to buy mayo and suddenly I’ve earned 5 Miles on 5 jars.” To be clear, Danielle isn’t obsessed with mayonnaise. Like many savvy collectors, she’s buys products in bulk—products she uses a lot anyway—when she sees a Bonus OfferTM.

This might seem like a small detail. But that’s exactly what the AIR MILES Program is all about. Turning small purchases—like mayo and ketchup and skin cream and mouthwash— into something bigger. Something exciting.

Groceries, fuel, and giveaways

What other tactics does Danielle use, other than everyday earnings and Bonus Offers?

For one thing, she always fills up at Shell. For another, Danielle completes AIR MILES Surveys. (She actually said she gets excited when she’s stuck on a subway train because it gives her time to complete extra surveys.) And then there’s our popular contest, Carousel of Dreams. That’s a big one.

Danielle first participated in Carousel of Dreams back when it included a live event at the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

“I really wanted a gas card because we were headed to see the stars at the Dark Preserve area in Algonquin. It was a 5-hour drive. And that’s what I won—a gas card for Shell!”

Little wins along the way

While Danielle works toward her big Newfoundland trip, she also uses Cash MilesTM to reward herself along the way. She’s been loving redeeming her Cash Miles for Uber Eats eVouchers.

Danielle is able to enjoy the best of both worlds—Cash and Dream rewards—because she has a mixed balance preference. This mixed balance is perfect for higher-earners like Danielle because it allows her to reach an ultimate destination while still enjoying little wins along the way.

Considering Danielle might be the nicest collector ever—she volunteers at both the Annex Cat Rescue and The Japan Foundation—we couldn’t be more thrilled that the program is clearly paying off for her in spades.

a colourful cat on a colourful rug
Did we mention that Danielle is a cat lover? Here is her cat, Nicholas the Furst

From new collector to Gold in 3 years

While Danielle might be in the beginning of her AIR MILES journey, the fact that she achieved Gold status so quickly is impressive. But what might be even more impressive is her focus. “If you have a goal like I do, every task gets you closer.”

And we have no doubt that at the rate Danielle is earning, it won’t be long before she’s standing on the shores of Newfoundland, taking in the sights and sounds of our great puffins.

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