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Introducing Your New AIR MILES Collector Dashboard


Next time you log into your AIR MILES® account online, you’ll notice it looks a little different. We’re happy to introduce the new AIR MILES® collector dashboard, a handy tool where you can access AIR MILES Reward Program updates and your account information all in one place.

What Is a Dashboard and Why Do I Need It?

We’re always looking for ways to ensure that the AIR MILES® Reward Program continues to be as efficient and simple to use for collectors as possible. We noticed that collectors needed to click through several experiences to find what they were after—like their transaction summaries and account balances—so we decided to bring those destinations together into a collector dashboard. By doing this, we’re able to bring together all the info you need that will help you seamlessly find your way across the AIR MILES Reward Program.

screenshot of the new air miles collector dashboard

We took your top actions and created a personalized space just for you. Here are examples of what you will see:

Your Collector Status

As soon as you log in online, you’ll automatically see whether you’re a Blue, Gold, or Onyx collector, and have the option to see the benefits available to you in connection with your current status.

Transaction Summary

Here you’ll see a list of your transaction history. This includes where and when you shopped and how many Reward Miles you earned.

Quick Links

These links are there to help you navigate where you want to go. On this list, you’ll see links that will take you to view offers and rewards, seek help with a question, and more.

Account Balances and Preferences

In this section, you’ll get a breakdown of your current Miles Account balances (Cash Miles and Dream Miles) so you can see how close you are to rewarding yourself, as well as your preferences.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new feature that will make navigating a breeze! If you have any questions, browse the FAQs below. If you want to give your dashboard a test drive, sign in now.


Why can’t I see the previous homepage?

That homepage still exists, you just need to log out of your AIR MILES account to view it. This new dashboard has replaced the homepage once you log into your account.

I already use the AIR MILES app, why do I need a dashboard?

The AIR MILES app certainly contains the same information, and given its design and structure, the information is just as easy to access. The dashboard is available to you on the website should you choose to connect with us that way.

Where are the other Quick Links that I used to see?

Update profile: you can still get to this section from the profile nav on your dashboard. From the drop down it is your second option.

COVID-19 Updates: data shows us that this section doesn’t get the same traffic that it once did. If you’re interested though, search for COVID-19 and your top result should help you find what you’re looking for.

Travel Updates: the new quick link takes you directly to the landing page for our Travel Product. The FAQs you were once served up are still on the same page, just a few scrolls down from where you land.

Will all my transactions appear in my Transaction Summary immediately?

Reward Miles can take up to 120 days to appear in your Transaction Summary, but you’ll usually see them much earlier than that. If they don’t appear you can report missing Miles.

What’s to Come

Behind the scenes, we’re busy working on the next update. We’ll continue to add individualized content for you on your dashboard. Our goal is to create the greatest dashboard for you, to help you earn and redeem Reward Miles™ with ease and to really utilize all the great program benefits. We want to empower you to explore the program—all on your journey to your next reward.

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