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8 Cleaning and Decluttering Books to Activate Spring Cleaning Mode 


It’s a familiar scenario: You open the curtains to let in some sunshine and fresh air, only to reveal all the clutter and dust that accumulated over the winter. Yes, it’s time for spring cleaning. Here are 8 books to help you become a focused, yet serene, cleaning machine. 

The folding lady book cover

The Folding Lady: Tools and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Space Room by Room by Sophie Liard 

The tips from TikTok sensation Sophie Liard, better known as The Folding Lady, are now available in print. Sophie shares hacks that make organizing a snap. If storage is limited in your home, this book introduces new ways to keep things neat and contained so your space becomes more functional and enjoyable. 

Lots of pictures make it easy to understand how you can fold your way to a neater, more organized home. If it bends, it probably folds, allowing you to fit items into all sizes of drawers, storage containers, or shelves. Your belongings become easier to find and manage as a result.   

If you feel overwhelmed, Liard shows you how to approach your work in small, achievable tasks so you eventually have control over every item in your home for peace of mind.

the lost art of house cleaning book cover

The Lost Art of House Cleaning: A Clean House is a Happy Home by Jan M. Dougherty 

Old-school house cleaning expert and author Jan M. Dougherty helps you “enjoy the clean” with simple cleaning strategies. As a professional residential cleaner, she is a cleaning guru who has trained hundreds of her employees to clean using just three products. 

You save time, money, and the planet to boot with these eco-friendly and budget-friendly cleaners. Dougherty claims you can have her cleaning method down pat in about 20 minutes and apply her process to every room in the house. A quick read at just 139 pages, you can breeze through the instructions and images, get a few laughs, and then tackle your spring and year-round cleaning chores with a newfound sense of purpose.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning book cover

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnusson 

In Sweden, döstädning, dö translates to “death cleaning,” which may sound a little morose but is actually quite gentle and freeing. The idea is to declutter and simplify your belongings so that the burden of that cleaning is not left to loved ones after you have passed away. If you’re set to declutter for a more manageable life, artist and author Margareta Magnusson teaches you how to clear out unnecessary belongings. The book shares life-changing wisdom with a humourous and engaging writing style, making it easy to embrace minimalism with joy. 

You’ll quickly understand how to remove the things you don’t need from every closet and room in your home while keeping the items that might take up space but don’t interfere with your sense of happiness and calm. In other words, Magnusson makes decluttering fun. And hey, if you finish the book and don’t feel up to cleaning, at least it was an entertaining read. 

How to Keep House While Drowning book cover

How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by KC Davis 

If you tend to feel a little ashamed of having a messy home, this book is all about self-forgiveness. Our cluttered homes are a product of our busy lives and shouldn’t cause further stress. Therapist and author KC Davis uses her own lack of motivation as inspiration to share her revolutionary views on cleaning and how to make your home work for you.   

Feel good about the messiness and embrace a new calm, instead of feeling like you’ll never overcome your house cleaning woes. This self-compassionate approach is practical and empowering, teaching you how to create your own cleaning strategy. Davis gently guides you to see cleaning as a form of kindness that nurtures yourself. Soon you’ll be setting priorities, staggering tasks, avoiding procrastination, and using quick bursts of cleaning to reduce mess to keep your home clean and under control.

Marie Kondo's Kurashi at home book cover

Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life by Marie Kondo

We may not be seeing Marie Kondo on everyone’s bookshelves anymore, but this one is too good not to share. Kondo is a high-profile influencer in space organization and the person who made us all grab each of our belongings to see if they bring us joy. This concept was inspired by the Japanese concept of kurashi. Loosely translated into “way of life,” kurashi helps you visualize and create your ideal life. 

Marie’s “does it spark joy?” method teaches you how to curate joy in your life by making more mindful choices to improve every inch of your living environment. Instead of being overwhelmed with endless choices of what you want to throw away, you take a more positive approach, focusing on the items that bring you joy. This book is also filled with inspirational photos, allowing you to visualize yourself eliminating clutter and surrounding yourself with the things you love.

The Complete Book of Clean book cover

The Complete Book of Clean: Tips & Techniques for Your Home by Toni Hammersley 

This book can help you gain control and maintain a clean home when things feel like they’re out of hand. Hammersley shares tips and techniques to tackle any mess or stain that dares infringe on your living space. As a result, you can keep a clean home where dirt, odours, and, above all else, toxins are never welcome. 

Even Monica Geller-level cleaners will find new techniques that outsmart dirt and mess, while cleaning newbies will discover the most helpful cleaning hacks to make life easier. Create your own great-smelling cleaning products to inspire positive feels and overcome every imaginable mess and type of dirt stress-free.

Who knew? 10,001 Household Solutions book cover

Who Knew? 10,001 Household Solutions: Money-Saving Tips, DIY Cleaners, Kitchen Secrets, and Other Easy Answers to Everyday Problems by Bruce and Jeanne Lubin 

10,001 is a lot of solutions! This is the handbook to have on your shelf if you want to become a housekeeping whiz. Or at least clean like one. Although this book goes a bit out of the realm of just cleaning, it really is a time and money-saving companion many readers can’t live without. 

You’ll find natural solutions that simplify daily cleaning and household tasks in this go-to resource with tons of life hacks. From getting rid of pests to giving yourself a well-deserved spa treatment after some serious house cleaning, these easy-to-follow tips have got you covered.

The Pocket Butler's Guide to Good Housekeeping book cover

The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Good Housekeeping: Expert Advice on Cleaning, Laundry and Home Maintenance by Charles MacPherson 

How can we resist this quaint title? Real-life professional butler and household manager Charles MacPherson shares over 30 years of housekeeping knowledge. This is an excellent guide to help you get through your spring-cleaning marathon without breaking a sweat. 

Although you won’t need to wear the fancy outfit, these instructions will have your home snob-level clean from hospital corners on your guest bed to removing red wine stains from your tux and tails (or favourite flannel shirt). You can also keep on top of tasks with the handy daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning checklists. 

Finding motivation to clean is always easier when an expert cheers you on. Keep these books about cleaning within reach to help you become a spring-cleaning whiz. 

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